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BASEC – Submission of Research Projects to Swiss Ethical Committees

(BASEC = Business Administration System for Ethics Committees)Login




The screen for SNCTP information (only for clinical trials) has been modified:

  • It's now mandatory to enter a value for "Name of registry". If it's not yet known, please select the value "Registry name or number not yet known".
  • If a registry name is selected the entry of a corresponding registry ID is mandatory. If you know the registry but not yet the number, also enter "Registry name or number not yet known" & update the information later.
  • The registry ID field now validates the number format for the chosen registry.
  • All existing correct registry numbers/IDs are still in submitted projects (no action needed).
  • All clinical projects with no entry or incorrect entries in "Registry name" and/or WHO-ID have been reset to "Registry name or number not yet knowm". Please update the info as soon as you have the registry information.

August 2017

A new version of the form "Research Project Application Form" has been released.


Please read carefully:

  • This site is intended to optimize the submission process by guiding you in the description of your project throughout several preformatted screens;
  • Each screen contains Help to assist you;
  • Your project is saved automatically and you may return to and work on it again before submitting; Draft projects that were never submitted will be deleted after 6 months of inactivity.
    Please backup and archive your projects on your own IT infrastructure. BASEC is not designed and not intended to be an electronic filing system (archive) for your projects.
  • Reread your project carefully before submitting it. Keep in mind that once your project is submitted, the evaluation begins.
  • Once you have submitted a new project you will receive an email with a unique BASEC ID number for your project. This will confirm you that your project has been received by the ethics committee and the evaluation has started. You will receive a second email within 7 days of submission, once the formal check is completed.
  • If you need to send an urgent update and your project is currently locked, please contact the Ethics Committee by email, phone or through the support form in the web-portal. (see also this FAQ-entry)


Technical requirements:

  • Browser: Internet Explorer Version 9 or higher (version 10 or newer works best), Firefox version 31 or higher, Safari or Google Chrome