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Submission of Research Projects to Swiss Ethical Committees




November, 2016

  • Submission form for new projects: The section to specify the kind submission on the bottom of the summary screen was updated.

August, 2016

  • New FAQ-article: in case of file upload problems, please try the solution outlined in this article.

July, 2016

  • Silent Approval: Updated list (item 4 in this listDEFRIT).
  • Synopsis: for some projects the upload of a separate synopsis is no more required. Details are on Screen 6, document category 2.

June, 2016

  • Silent Approval: Some changes and documents are acknowledged by the Swiss cantonal ethics committees by means of a „Silent Approval“. Details are on this page (DEFRIT).
  • New FAQ-article about the submission of documents/updates for multicentric projects initially submitted before the introduction of this web-portal.

Please read carefully:

  • This site is intended to optimize the submission process by guiding you in the description of your project throughout several preformatted screens;
  • Each screen contains Help to assist you;
  • Your project is saved automatically and you may return to and work on it again before submitting; Draft projects that were never submitted will be deleted after 6 months of inactivity.
  • Reread your project carefully before submitting it. Keep in mind that once your project is submitted, the evaluation begins.
  • If you need to send an urgent update and your project is currently locked, please contact the Ethics Committee by email, phone or through the support form in the web-portal. (see also this FAQ-entry)

Technical requirements:

  • Browser: Internet Explorer Version 9 or higher (version 10 or newer works best), Firefox version 31 or higher, Safari or Google Chrome


  • For questions regarding your proposals, write or call the Ethics Committees: links are on the left of this page or on
  • If you have technical problems with the submission procedure, please use the support request form. The link to this form is on the left side of the screen.
  • If you have problems with registering or with logging into your account, please write to this email-address (for other problems, please use the Support Request Form in your account).